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What's next for Bluetooth?

Bluetooth World 2019 is made for developers - get hands-on experience to make Bluetooth work for you; Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth LE, mesh, Bluetooth Smart, beacons and classic will all be covered



Discover and play with new and innovative gadgets using Bluetooth technology.



Network with the visionaries pushing the boundaries of Bluetooth technology

2018 Exhibitors

2018 Exhibitors

Meet with a range of leading suppliers and discover what's new and innovative in the world of Bluetooth

2018 speakers

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This year the Bluetooth SIG celebrates 20 years of delivering life-changing value to people around the world. The technology is continuing to evolve, driving innovation and creating major new markets, especially with the recent launch of Bluetooth mesh. In 2018 nearly 4 billion Bluetooth devices are expected to ship across a number of consumer, commercial, and industrial markets.

We want you to be excited about the Bluetooth technology, and whether you're interested in wireless audio, wearable devices, tracking assets or automating buildings, Bluetooth World 2018 will be the place to visit. 

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what's being said

  • Bluetooth World 2017 has been incredible! I've had the opportunity to meet great people and learn more and more about Bluetooth. It's been great to meet you face-to-face, I returned to Spain with an amazing experience (and even a drone!). I hope to come back next year, thank you very much.
    Celia Garrido-Hidalgo
  • As the Internet of Things continue to explode, Bluetooth is the essential standard behind the shift from a world of connecting people to one of connecting things. Bluetooth World is where I have gotten the best insight into how this shift is happening and who the key players are making this happen.
    Patrick Parodi
    Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Wireless Registry
  • The quality of customers who have been here to see us have been absolutely first class. It’s been tier one customers, so we’ve had more time to talk in greater depth and move things further along with the kind of customers we really want to work with. There’s a good atmosphere, everybody’s into Bluetooth, so we’re all sailing the same ship. It’s been a great show!
    John Leonard
    Project Marketing Manager, Nordic Semiconductor
  • Bluetooth World brings together the key players in Bluetooth Ecosystem, from the giants of the industry, to startups that are pushing the envelope. The networking opportunities are tremendous, and I always leave with a better view of where our industry is headed. Bluetooth World is a must for companies that depend on this ubiquitous standard as part of their offering.
    Steve Statler
    CEO, Statler Consulting
  • What I enjoyed most about the event was the opportunity to network with not only the vendors, but more importantly with other front-line users of beacon technology. It always helps to compare notes and gain insight from other users.
    Dieter Fenkart-Fröschl
    Chief Operating Officer, The San Diego Museum of Art
  • Bluetooth World was a great event with insightful information on the latest trends and products in Bluetooth technologies. The sessions were well organized with industrial knowledge from experts and companies in the Bluetooth technology space.
    Anson Liang
  • Excellent forum for getting updated on the what, why and how of all things Bluetooth, plus great timing for brief on Bluetooth 5 highlights!
    Edwin Estrada
    Business Development Manager, Envision Peripherals
  • Excellent event opening up exciting new frontiers of tomorrow.
    Harish Balasubramaniam
    Wireless Standards Engineer, Intel
  • This event got me pumped up for Bluetooth 5.0 and I can't wait to start development work that includes the expanded capability!
    Joshua Reed
    Senior Engineer – Design, Caterpillar
  • Bluetooth World 2017 was a vibrant mix of innovators, creators, and thinkers from a wide variety of backgrounds across a large spectrum of modern industry - from independents & startups to established manufacturers & suppliers.
    Sam Bulkley
    Software & Firmware Engineer, Pensar Development
  • Bluetooth World is a lot more than a tech conference about Bluetooth - I have learned a bunch from my fellow speakers: inspiring new ideas, emerging trends, and even other connectivity options!
    Wai Lee
    Chief Product Architect, Garmin