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Bluetooth development has never been easier!


Bluetooth development has never been easier!

Developer Session Room 2

It's estimated that in 2018  ~1 billion Bluetooth Low Energy devices will ship. That's an unbelievable number! If you are interested in being part of this massive market and learning more about how to develop Bluetooth Low Energy devices this introductory tutorial is a great place to start!

This training will cover the basics of Bluetooth Low Energy and how to use Mbed OS to develop any Bluetooth Low Energy application you want. We will cover how to create your own characteristics andservices, how to implement standard profiles and best practices for complying with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard. 

In this session you will learn:

  • Fundamental concepts of Bluetooth Low Energy (characteristics -> services -> profiles)
  • GAT vs GAP
  • How to build your own services/profiles using mbed
  • Tools for debugging Bluetooth Low Energy


Audience pre-requisites

You will need to sign up for mbed compiler account:

Equipment/software pre-requisites

  • Android: nRF Connect
  • IoS: Light Blue Explorer



None, we will provide lender boards for the workshop


Austin Blackstone, Applications Engineer, Internet of Things - ARM