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Bluetooth: Friend or foe


Bluetooth: Friend or foe

Developer Session Room 2

As a 25 year veteran of wireless product development, I have witness the on-going wireless standards war and I am often asked “which wireless technology will win”?  I beg to differ. Shouldn’t the questions be “How can we use various wireless technologies together to enrich the user’s experience?" This session will discuss how Bluetooth Low Energy can be used in real world applications to complement other wireless technologies to create more compelling products and enhance their usability.

In this session, you will learn:

  • On this year’s 20th anniversary of Bluetooth, we will take a quick look back at competing wireless standards and the various “Eras”  they have evolved through
  • The majority of the discussion will be on multiple classifications of products, both existing and future product concepts, that utilize both Bluetooth in conjunction with at least one additional wireless standard.
  • The session will conclude with a short introduction to Arm’s mbed offerings (all free of charge to developers) which enables them to quickly develop new products where much of the work is already done for them.


Audience pre-requisites:  

  • None, just bring your ideas and imagination for new product concepts

Equipment requirements

  • None
Charles Dittmer, director of customer engineering, IoT device IP business unit - Arm