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Bring Your Own Laptop: Developing a Bluetooth low energy application with AT commands


Bring Your Own Laptop: Developing a Bluetooth low energy application with AT commands

Developer Session Room 2

Do you want to develop a demo, prototype or proof of concept quickly? Would you like to develop something that doesn’t need any code development? Well, now we can help you do that!

Dialog’s SmartBond™ Codeless AT command set enables customers to develop simple applications without having to get into any code development!

Join our development session to learn more, and get a FREE DA14585 Development Kit Pro!

In this session, we will demonstrate Dialog’s SmartBond Codeless AT command solutions.

It’s a simple application: you fire AT commands at the UART of the device and it will send those commands to the other side of the wireless BLE link. This allows you to control your remote IoT device through a very easy to learn command flow.

Moreover, you will have a chance to get a free development kit and join a 60 minutes hands-on session to learn the AT commands and develop a Bluetooth low energy application in no time!

Please note that the training session is welcoming everyone to follow and listen but only the first registered 40 attendees will have the chance to receive the DA14585 Development Kit Pro and hands-on training opportunity.

Audience pre-requisites:
This session is intended for developers with very basic understanding of Bluetooth low energy technology.

Equipment requirements:
Please bring your own laptop. Please download one of the following before you arrive at the session:

Tera Term



The tools above are all specific to Windows (there is a Linux and MAC version of PuTTY available). For other platforms, locate an applicable serial port terminal application.

Mikael Hvid, Principal Field Applications Engineer, Dialog Semiconductor, USA

Contact details:


The session will last for 90 minutes and in the first part of the session we will give you a short introduction of Dialog’s Smartbond™ product portfolio, including software and tools.

Mikael Hvid, Principal Field Applications Engineer - Dialog Semiconductor