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Bluetooth technology is continuously expanding to meet the needs of the business world as it continues to grow. 

Bluetooth World 2018 - the official event of the Bluetooth SIG - takes place on 18 & 19 September at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.

The event - which is FREE to visit - will enable you to discover how Bluetooth is evolving from its initial form as a wire replacement for communicating voice and data between devices, to the new emerging technologies made possible by the recent launch of mesh.

The FREE exhibition will host a range suppliers from around the globe who will showcase the technology through products, demonstrations and real-life use cases.

In addition there are a number of keynote seminars and developer sessions for those that want to learn more about this ever-expanding technology (scroll down for more information).

To learn more about the trajectory of Bluetooth technology, as well as the new trends emerging, read the Bluetooth Market Update.

"We feel like we are changing the world. We feel very strongly that we've just delivered a third Bluetooth revolution… I think we've taken a significant part of the world by surprise because Bluetooth has always been considered a small personal system. And suddenly we are coming out with something that's so complete, so well-performing, and addressing completely new territories."
Szymon Slupik, Silvair CTO and Bluetooth SIG Mesh Working Group Chair


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Listen to inspirational speakers who will inspire and excite you!

The line-up of speakers will include innovative designers and developers, as well as founders and engineers from well-known brands who will share real-life case studies, and overviews of where they see the future of Bluetooth technology.

In 2018 these big-name brands include Google Nest, T-Mobile, NASA Johnson Space Center and Nectar.

Hear from all these speakers - and more - for just $99! Buy an 'access all areas' pass today!

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