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Unlocking Bluetooth’s potential as the leader in commercial IoT infrastructure


Unlocking Bluetooth’s potential as the leader in commercial IoT infrastructure

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Stream: New applications for Bluetooth; developments & considerations

Bluetooth has long dominated the consumer short-range wireless market, with a consistently strong brand and nearly ubiquitous coverage in mobile phones. This success can also be attributed in part to the role of Bluetooth Low Energy modes and profiles that accelerated time to market and improved device interoperability.

However, IoT connectivity is now rapidly expanding beyond the consumer market and into commercial IoT use cases such as smart lighting, connected retail, smart buildings, and asset tracking. These use-cases require a new edge connectivity and computing infrastructure that is secure, scalable and cost-effective for both manufacturers and operators. It is a new playing field, and IoT teams face a wide range of wireless connectivity options.

Making Bluetooth the easy choice for commercial IoT infrastructure requires a multi-faceted approach in which application, sensor and gateway providers can all take advantage of a strong standard that starts with the right radio modes for commercial environments and extends to models and profiles that support specific commercial use cases. 

Based on their experience providing Bluetooth Low Energy solutions to more than 300 global customers and 5 million devices, Rigado will share their vision for Bluetooth as the foundation of tomorrow’s commercial IoT infrastructure.

Justin Rigling, Chief Technology Officer - Rigado