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Bluetooth World 2018 will play host to a wide range of keynotes from different backgrounds and expertise.

By purchasing an  'access all areas' pass, you will be able to hear their story, learn how they are using Bluetooth in their technology and get all your questions answered.

We decided to delve deeper before the event, to find out a little more about who they are, and what they will be speaking about.

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Eli Share at Bosch Power Tools North America

Eli ShareEli Share leads IoT activities for Bosch Power Tools North America. He has extensive background in all aspects of an IoT applications. He has worked on industrial and consumer grade solutions with various IoT platforms. His technical knowledge from device through application layer helps Eli to coordinate full stack implementation. Eli brings together experiences and passions from the lighting industry, kayaking, running, and family to impact business opportunities.

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Ryan Jensen at T-Mobile

Ryan Jensen

As Director of Technology and Compliance and a Senior Member of the Technical Staff for T-Mobile, Ryan oversees location technology development, performance evaluation, and related improvements for the wireless network and mobile devices. He also provides technical and strategic regulatory support, and serves as an industry liaison to help develop and facilitate the adoption of appropriate best practices and rules for emergency services, including E9-1-1. 

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Steve Statler at National Emergency Address Database (NEAD)

Steve Statler

Steve Statler is the author of Beacon Technologies, the presenter of the Mister Beacon podcast and a Senior VP at Wiliot where he is responsible for consulting, marketing and business development.

Wiliot is a fabless semiconductor company connecting people and products with battery-free Bluetooth tags powered by harvesting energy from radio waves. Prior to Wiliot his consulting company specialized in Bluetooth beacon technology, training and advising manufacturers, venue owners, VCs, as well as makers of beacon software and hardware.

Previously he was the Senior Director for Strategy and Solutions Management at Qualcomm's Retail Solutions Division, helping to incubate Gimbal, one of the leading Bluetooth beacons in the market.

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