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Bluetooth World 2018

After an enormously successful event in 2017, Bluetooth World 2018 is set to deliver an even larger worldwide audience of over 1,500 attendees, all looking to source new suppliers and manufacturers, as well as to be inspired by the innovations in the market today, and in the future.

Top line figures from 2017

Bluetooth World 2017 statistics

"The quality of customers who have been here to see us at Bluetooth World 2017 have been absolutely first class. It’s been tier one customers, so we’ve had more time to talk in greater depth and move things further along with the kind of customers we really want to work with. It’s been a great show!"

John Leonard, Project Marketing Manager, Nordic Semiconductor

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2018 a particularly special year as it's the Bluetooth SIG's 20th anniversary. Everyone and anyone involved in Bluetooth over the past two decades - as well as today - will be present to celebrate the SIG's pivotal role in driving innovation and creating new markets.

In addition, the recent release of Bluetooth mesh has added a new level of excitement to the industry, with both developers and end-users desparate to find out more about how they can utilize this new technology. Bluetooth World 2018 will host a variety of keynotes seminars and developer sessions to answer those questions and more.




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Who will you meet?

Bluetooth World 2018 will attract a unique audience not seen at any other event including:

  • Software engineers
  • Hardware engineers
  • Developers
  • Founders
  • Start-up decision makers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • End-users
  • CTOs


The unique content delivered by the Bluetooth SIG and a variety of inspirational brands (including Google Nest, T-Mobile, NASA Johnson Space Center, NEAD, Robert Bosch and Mall of America) will attract this audience from a wide range of sectors and verticals including:

  • Audio 
  • Healthcare
  • Wearables/health and fitness
  • Automotive
  • Start-ups
  • Consumer electronics/audio
  • Smart homes/cities/industry
  • Industrial
  • Security
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

How do we attract the audience?

As the official event of the Bluetooth SIG, Bluetooth World 2018 will be supported by a broad and comprehensive marketing campaign via the following channels:

  • Targeted SIG member communication
  • Partnerships with leading media
  • Targeted banner advertising
  • Retargeting/remarketing
  • Look-a-like modelling
  • Email marketing
  • Support from industry bloggers and vloggers
  • PR
  • Social media
  • PPC advertising


To learn more about the marketing campaign contact the team today!

Watch what happened in 2017

Why exhibit?

Exhibiting at Bluetooth World 2018 will enable you to showcase your products and solutions to this highly engaged audience and position your brand as a leader in this exciting market.

We're open to new and exciting ideas: you might want to just take a stand; you may want to create an experiential feature, show mesh in action; get the techies using your software in the developer sessions; inspire the engineers with a keynote presentation...

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Use Bluetooth World 2018 to...

...generate sales leads face-to-face

...enhance your brand image

...launch new products to your target audience

...research your target market your prospect database with current and prospective clients how your product works

...speak to a large audience about your vision for the future

...present case studies of proven success to a large audience