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NextGen Technology is a global organisation specialising in interoperability and functionality testing. NextGen provide innovative automated solutions to validate and check performance.  NextGen is focussed on Bluetooth Wi-Fi and LTE and is specialised in consumer electronics, automotive, IOT, home automation, smartphone, wearables and apps sectors.

NextGen ATAM is an automated testing solution which is providing new levels of insight into devices and systems connectivity and performance. Using control and automation technology to emulate end user interactions, ATAM locates issues rapidly# during the development cycle. Through high repetition tests that are based on real world scenarios ATAM highlights areas for further focus. ATAM is helping to reduce development cycles and time to market, and builds confidence in product stability upon launch.

NextGen provide full service in-depth testing of interoperability in our engineering and development facilities in UK, USA, India, China, Japan & South Korea. NextGen provide a comprehensive solution from market research, global device libraries, tailored test programs, analysis and comprehensive data presentation. NextGen has a range of data solutions, from technical analysis services designed to help diagnose interoperability issues during development phase, through to customer facing websites and services for end users to find comprehensive and helpful information to guide their use of the technology and ensure overall consumer satisfaction.


Alba House, Mulberry Business
Mulberry Business Park
RG41 2GY
United Kingdom

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