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Innovation showcase timetable

Visit the Innovation showcase theater where you will be able to hear about cool, new products that are about to hit the market, quiz the owners and get inspired to create your own connected device.

Tuesday 28 March

10.00am    Beeem
11.00am    Novalia
12.00pm    TrackR
1.00pm     Cassia Networks
2.00pm     Tempow
3.00pm     Estimote
3.30pm     Socket mobile

Wednesday 29 March

10.00am    Tempow
11.00am     Cassia Networks
11:30am     Range
12.00pm    Novalia
1.00pm      TrackR
2.00pm      Beeem
2.30pm       LeEco

Beeem – Enables Bluetooth beacons to broadcast cloud-connected, fully functioning webpages for users to access more information and purchasing capabilities for any object, place, or event. This technology gives businesses the ability to boost customer engagement without apps, QR codes, or texting.

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Novalia – Brings touch-based interactive consumer digital experiences to virtually any printed material, which are capable of Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone beacon communication. This interactive, touchable print becomes a beacon when touched, and can come in the form of consumer materials such as posters and packaging.

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TrackR – Creates a virtual floor plan of users’ homes and helps track frequently misplaced items with its product, Atlas, which is a small, plug-in Bluetooth proximity device. It can identify any nearby device equipped with a Bluetooth tracker and estimate its distance from the Atlas device, pinpointing which room the missing item is located in.

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Cassia Networks – Partners the Cassia Bluetooth router with smart medical equipment to create a more effective and automated IoT telehealth solution for at-home care. The Cassia Bluetooth router serves as a bridge, collecting data from patient’s Bluetooth enabled medical devices in real time, such as blood pressure monitor, then sending it to their doctor via the cloud. 

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Tempow – Uses local multi-casting capabilities to connect one smartphone to several Bluetooth audio devices for one synced output. This allows users to access the same signal with multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones for a simplified connected listening experience at home, with a group, or on the go.

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Range - By detecting and recognizing mobile devices, Range keeps track of who is home while also monitoring for unknown devices and suspicious activity. Automate your home by turning devices like phones and wearables into presence triggers that can interact with hundreds of the top smart home gadgets and web services. 

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Socket mobile - The DuraScan D600 Contactless Reader/Writer can read data from and write data to a variety of NFC and HF RFID tags/inlays/cards, as well as NFC-enabled devices and wearables. Developer-friendly and easy-to-use, the D600 communicates with iOS and Android devices through a Bluetooth® low energy connection.  Capture SDK eases NFC-connected App development and RFID expertise is not required.



Estimote - Estimote Mirror is the world’s first video beacon, and allows users to interact with any video screen, providing them with contextual awareness and curated information. Content can be based on multiple sources including mobile-phones, beacons and Web APIs. Estimote Mirror doesn’t even need the user to have an app on their phone to have a magical experience --by using Estimote’s other beacon products attached to any object you can transform it to a “smart object” that triggers the nearby screens.

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LeEco - LeEco is a new breed — a global internet company that merges your favorite content and smart devices through an experience that is seamless, affordable and one touch away. Our open ecosystem spans smartphones, smart TVs, electric cars, content and services. We believe there's a better way to connect, and that the next generation of experiences shouldn't be anchored down by cords and cables.

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