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Discover the power of Bluetooth 5 at Bluetooth World

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) officially adopted Bluetooth 5 as the latest version of the Bluetooth core specification December last year. Key updates to Bluetooth 5 include longer range, faster speed, and larger broadcast message capacity, as well as improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies. Bluetooth 5 continues to advance the Internet of Things (IoT) experience by enabling simple and effortless interactions across the vast range of connected devices.

By attending Bluetooth World you will be able to:

  • Talk in-depth to Bluetooth SIG specialists about how, where and why to develop with Bluetooth 5
  • Play with Bluetooth 5 developer kits in exclusive workshops
  • Be inspired by the possibilities that Bluetooth 5 can bring to your products

Read how the adoption of the latest Bluetooth® specification propels interoperability and sets stage for transformative wireless connectivity

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Read an in-depth white paper from Rohde & Schwarz which summarizes the various Bluetooth technologies with a focus on the physical layer in line with core specification version 5.0.

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About Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Bluetooth is the global wireless standard for simple, secure connectivity. Propelled by a global community of more than 31,000 companies, Bluetooth serves to unify, harmonize, and drive innovation in the vast range of connected devices all around us. Through collective creation and shared technical standards, Bluetooth simplifies, secures and enriches the technology experience of users worldwide.