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Many of the exhibitors will be showcasing amazing products and demonstrations using the Bluetooth technology at Bluetooth World 2018. Take the opportunity to test them, play with them, and understand how they make the most of Bluetooth to make unbelievable products that will change lives forever.

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Bluefin Labs

Blufin Labs is a consultancy company. It provides hardware and software consulting services to end users who are building connected devices. At their booth they'll showcase one of their examples - a Bluetooth enabled digital multimeter by Redfish Instruments, Inc. Bluefin did the BTLE integration and wrote the initial iOS & Android applications.

It has been working primarily with Bluetooth low energy, but is now working on projects with Bluetooth 5 and just starting a Bluetooth mesh project.

Visit Blufin Labs at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 530 to find out more!

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants will be demonstrating the latest in ultra-low power custom cores. This will open the door to a new wave of Bluetooth innovation, creating smaller and lower power IoT devices that offer competitive advantage for semiconductor companies and product manufacturers.

Ultra-low power AI

Using its ‘Sapphyre™’ design flow for custom cores and accelerators, Cambridge Consultants will demo a machine learning neural network that can reduce power by 1,000x compared to an off-the-shelf processor, without significant loss of accuracy.

The world’s lowest power Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

‘Ecoutez’ is the architecture for the world's lowest power, flexible IP block for accelerating VAD processing. This interactive demo showcases how speech detection can be delivered at about 100th of the power consumed by modern hearing aids.

To be announced…

Cambridge Consultants will also make a special announcement at the show, launching a platform to help its customers to develop new and disruptive Bluetooth technologies. This will also be demonstrated at booth 216.

Visit Cambridge Consultants at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 216 to find out more!

Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor will showcase its new DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit, Mesh SDK and SmartBond development kits and reference designs. Visit their booth to take part in a mini quiz show and find out what they're giving away...

Visit Dialog Semiconductor at Bluetooth World 2018 on booth 227 to find out more!


QualifierEllisys will be showcasing its Bluetooth® Qualifier™ (EBQ), the industry’s first and most advanced Bluetooth radio controller qualification tester, supporting all Bluetooth 5 low energy qualification tests plus BR/EDR qualification tests.

The EBQ has been designed from the ground up to support the most stringent qualification requirements with a powerful and elegant hardware design and a software architecture specifically tailored for this purpose.

Powerful Ellisys Features:

  • Embedded and Autonomous:  The EBQ executes all tests autonomously from its embedded operating system without any execution control from the external computer. This ensures consistent operation and accurate execution of even the most complex test cases.
  • Optional Analyzer: The EBQ can automate an optional analyzer to programmatically save traces for each test execution. The analyzer is fully optional though, as the EBQ is smartly designed to make detailed pass / fail decisions on its own, without relying on external equipment or software searches.
  • No Blind Spots: The EBQ is designed with a powerful, reconfigurable, and sophisticated test-equipment grade architecture to properly support all test cases, even the most advanced, to provide the most extensive coverage possible.
  • The EBQ hardware is reconfigurable, so it can be updated with software to add new tests as the specifications evolve.
  • Dual-mode Support: The EBQ supports all BLE tests, as well as classic Bluetooth BR/EDR tests for baseband, LMP and HCI.

Visit Ellisys at Bluetooth World 2018 at stand 122 to learn more!

Insight SIP

In addition to its full ISP1507 Bluetooth module range, Insight SIP will be presenting other products in its range of Low Power Networking and Ranging modules for advanced IoT solutions. Insight SiP will be showing its Combo Smart Modules. These provide high performance in a miniature package for customers wanting ready to use BLE together with LoRa / UWB /ANT+ / NFC mixed solutions. Products in this range include the ISP1510 Smart Ultra Wide Band + Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Module with Antennas & MCU which is available now. We will also be able to share information about several products in development including a Smart LoRa + Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Module with Antennas & MCU and a Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Long Range / ANT+/ THREAD / NFC Combo Module.

Visit Insight SIP at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 240 to find out more!


Mindtree will be showcasing a number of product demos on its stand including:

  • Android Automotive Platform with pre-integrated v5.0 Dual Mode Stack & Profiles;
  • Full-feature, and production proven v1.0 Bluetooth Mesh
  • Bluetooth low energy v5.0 Stack & Profiles and Link-Layer interfaced to 3rd party RF

Visit Mindtree at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 311 to find out more!


MinewMinew will be demonstrating how to apply its IoT development kit to indoor location and asset management. It will also demo solutions using its Bluetooth 5.0 modules including:

1. How to remote monitor the data by the gateway
2. Using the Bluetooth Low Energy V5.0 module & development board
3. Controlling colorful LED strips using a smart phone;
4. Controlling a Bluetooth door lock using a smart phone;
5. A solution based on electronic shelf label (ESL) for the smart retail

Visit Minew at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 225 to find out more!

NFC Forum

1trueID generates secure codes (Digital DNA) used to identify objects. These secure codes are stored inside the memory of an NFC tag or sent via Bluetooth communication. 1trueID will be demoing this process with current projects, such as Hugo Boss and Valentino. 

‘TapNLink Instant IoT for Embedded Systems’ by IoTize is impacting the Internet of Industrial Things by providing a faster more effective way of connecting to the technologies in the industrial environment. Get a hands-on look at how IoTize uses NFC and Bluetooth for on-site maintenance tasks connecting equipment to smartphone-based user interfaces.

The NFC Forum will also be demoing Bluetooth Simple Secure Pairing with NFC. Tired of the steps you have to go through to pair your phone to another device? Come see how NFC simplifies this process in our Bluetooth Speaker demo.

Visit NFC Forum at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 522 to find out more!


Cascade GatewayRigado will be demonstrating how its Cascade Gateway uses Bluetooth low energy mesh to control and configure lights and switches via a simple application.

Visit Rigado at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 233 to find out more!

Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs, a leading provider of silicon, software and solutions for a smarter, more connected world, is showcasing its latest Bluetooth® connectivity solutions for the IoT at Bluetooth World 2018.

Visit Silicon Labs at Stand 449 to receive a live demonstration of the following:

Bluetooth 5 and Sensor-to-Cloud Connectivity Demo

Learn how to use Silicon Labs’ Thunderboard™ Sense 2 IoT development kit to rapidly prototype and develop a wide range of IoT applications and use cases including IoT device to smartphone connectivity with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Bluetooth Mesh Networking Demo

See Silicon Labs’ development kits running Bluetooth mesh software and demonstrating advanced mesh capabilities, from light nodes (serving as proxies, friends and relays) to low-power light switches. Silicon Labs was the first to market with a feature-rich Bluetooth mesh stack, along with best-in-class network debug and optimization tools.

Bluetooth Xpress Solution Demo

Discover how simple it is to add Bluetooth 5 connectivity to IoT end node applications with zero programming and no Bluetooth expertise. Bluetooth Xpress provides the easiest wireless development path, enabling fast time-to-market with robust, secure Bluetooth 5 connectivity.


Synopsys will demonstrate its compliant DesignWare Bluetooth Low Energy IP combo solution, enabling concurrent communication between a Bluetooth low energy network and a Thread Alliance network. The demo will also show how designers can integrate the capabilities of Bluetooth 5 in their IoT SoCs with qualified IP and get a jump start on their next design with industry-proven open source software. Synopsys’ DesignWare Bluetooth IP enables secure wireless connectivity with low-power consumption for IoT, smart cities, and industrial applications.

Visit Synopsys at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 510 to find out more!


Discover the new True Wireless Earbuds from Tempow using a dual Bluetooth connection. Tempow achieves 1 sample accuracy with the most affordable true wireless earbuds.

Visit Tempow at Bluetooth World 2018 on stand 514 to find out more!

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