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Book free ticketsTo sell your Bluetooth® product you need to ensure your designs are properly qualified, and comply with Bluetooth license agreements. Bring your devices along to any of the Testing Stations at Bluetooth World 2018 to ensure it will complete all the Bluetooth SIG’s testing requirements and enable you to use the Bluetooth trademark.

The following companies will be holding Testing Stations onsite:

Teledyne LeCroyEllisys

Bluetooth Diagnostic Center

tel lecroy

Find solutions to your Bluetooth issues at Bluetooth World! Bring your devices to Teledyne LeCroy’s Bluetooth Diagnostic Center to test your Bluetooth enabled devices right at the show. Troubleshoot and identify Bluetooth protocol issues and quickly find solutions. Teledyne LeCroy’s Bluetooth Diagnostic Center is stocked with the best tools on the market from Teledyne LeCroy, and a device library that you can use while testing. You’ll also have knowledgeable Bluetooth test engineers on hand, ready to provide any help you may need to resolve your Bluetooth issues. 

Ellisys Testing Station


EVanguardllisys will be showcasing the new Bluetooth® Vanguard™ all-in-one sniffer at their Testing Station, as well as the Ellisys Bluetooth Qualifier™ (EBQ) Link Layer/HCI Tester, and the Bluetooth Explorer™ and Bluetooth Tracker™ all-in-one sniffers. Watch our experts on-site demonstrate practical examples and test cases for Bluetooth 5 devices.

Visit the Ellisys Testing Station and watch the experts demonstrate practical examples and test cases for Bluetooth 5 devices.

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