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Asif Khan

Asif Khan

Asif Khan

President, Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA)

A proud Canadian, Asif is a renowned global speaker, author and serial entrepreneur. He is currently focused on working as a consultant and venture capitalist to the mobile & location-based marketing services community. In support of this, Asif formed the Location Based Marketing Association - an international group dedicated to research and education in the space.

Prior to launching The LBMA, Asif built 4 start-ups and worked with companies as diverse as Limited Brands, Barclay’s Bank, PwC, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Molson-Coors, BestBuy, American Airlines, Cineplex Entertainment, ING Canada (now Tangerine), Gamestop and L’Oreal. You can catch Asif’s weekly video podcast - This Week In Location-Based Marketing.