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Roger Melen, Ph.D.

Roger Melen, Ph.D.

Roger Melen, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor , Toyota InfoTechnology Center U.S.A., Inc.

Roger D. Melen is a Senior Advisor at Toyota InfoTechnology Center U.S.A., Inc. for past fifteen years providing advice related to the deployment of advanced connected car computer and networking technologies for future vehicle designs in both human-driven and robotic self-driving cars containing two-way vehicle wireless networks which promise to rapidly deliver and communicate with vigilance and positive outcomes accurate roadway situation data from within and beyond the vehicle line-of-sight. .

He has worked as Vice President R&D of Canon Research Center America for eleven years on the deployment of networked computers in CMOS office and photographic imaging systems.  Prior that that he was a founder of Cromemco Inc. an early and dynamic microcomputer company.  In his early work he pioneered CCD image sensors in his PhD research at Stanford University 1973 and while in industry has applied for 60 patents. He authored the widely respected IEEE book: CCD Technology and Applications.  He has served a member of the Technical Advisory Boards for Cypress Semiconductor Inc. related to cell phone CMOS image sensors, Lumicyte Inc on proteomic spectroscopy, Congral LLC on networked medical conferencing and Fiorano LLC on Internet services.  

He also founded and taught the Electrical Engineering class on entrepreneurship for the past 35 years at Stanford University.